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Our working mission statement is:
“To guide America back to God through the teachings and Marriage Blessing of True Parents.”

Our new and revolutionary teaching is called the “Divine Principle” and is based upon the teachings of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon, founder of the Unification Church. The Principle, as it will be referred to hereafter, is the result of divine inspiration, prayer, and the study of religious scriptures and of life itself. Many tears and much intense suffering were part of the price of gaining this profound understanding.

There are three main parts to the Principle: the first part deals with the nature of God and why He created man and the universe; the second part explains why God’s ideal for man was not realized and how evil came into this world; the third part explains how God has been working throughout history to restore humanity and establish His ideal world of true love.

Christians believe that salvation is given through the atonement of the cross. Yet no one has ever given birth to a child who is sinless and in no need of redemption by the Savior. This demonstrates that, even after their rebirth in Christ, people continue to pass down the original sin to their children. This raises a crucial question: What is the extent of redemption by the cross? How many millions of Christians in the two-thousand-year history of Christianity have boasted that their sins were completely forgiven by virtue of the blood of the crucifixion? Yet in reality, a sinless individual, family or society has never appeared. Furthermore, the Christian spirit has been in gradual decline. How are we going to reconcile the discrepancy between the conventional belief in complete redemption through the crucifixion and the actual reality? These are only some of many dilemmas we face. The new truth, for which we long, should provide plain answers.
What is the Marriage Blessing?
Learn what the Marriage Blessing is all about.

Come join us each Sunday at 10:00 AM for Sunday Service and Family fellowship.

Past Sunday Service videos  are available at Triagle Family Church Youtube channel.

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Sympathy for the Devil


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