Heavenly Momentum Winter Retreat- Report

On December 26th – 29th, youth ranging in ages 13-15 and 16-18 attended a workshop at Asheville in North Carolina. We had many participants from North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, and even as far as New York and Alabama! The workshops were organized by young adult Unificationists from these states. There wasn’t one main theme of this workshop, but instead several smaller themes that changed every day. Each day of the workshop had a theme centering on the main lesson of the day. Possibility being the first theme, after getting to know each other through icebreakers and activities, participants shared and made declarations of their goals, their possibilities.  The second day was about the reality of our lives though we may want to live into those possibilities. On the third day we focused on the reinvention of our lives. On this day we had many topics of discussion such as restoration and fear setting, as well as exciting activities such as the Hunger Games.

The retreat itself was held in a nontraditional manner, with many fewer lectures than is usual in a workshop. Instead, we chose to go the route of activities that drove home the point of the day (each day had a different focus). I thought the participants seemed to really love that.

The first day centered around the participants getting to know each other with icebreakers and the like. The second day focused on the reality of life – its difficulties and challenges in addition to its benefits and the good stuff. The third day was focused on the reinvention of the participants’ lives. Topics discussed included restoration and fear-setting, and there were several activities performed; namely, “The Hunger Games” and one-on-one conversations. The last day was really short, so it was full of packing and saying goodbyes. — Samuel Mundula, 21, NC


I enjoyed the workshop. The location was amazing and it allowed me to feel more refreshed and positive. I really liked hiking and the Hunger Games. As far as the talks and discussions go, I was able to go over my commitments and find areas in myself that I need to work on. Overall, it was a good experience and I look forward to the next one. -Participant, GA (17)

At the retreat, I was exposed to concepts of vulnerability, possibility, reality and commitment. They were concepts I knew were important, but ideas that I just glazed over. I was able to look at these concepts in a new perspective and gain a concrete picture of what I am committed to and how I want my possibilities to become realities. This retreat for me was more about thinking through what I find important and how I want to approach my goals and challenges. Instead of the typical “I made so many new friends,” I had an experience that was thought-provoking and meaningful. Overall, It was a great getaway to really organize my thoughts and spend time with old friends. -Participant, GA (18)


I had a really good experience, and it was really nice meeting new bc’s and I gained good info to carry on into the new year. -Participant, NC (15)


This winter workshop was probably the best workshop I have attended yet! Thanks to all youth leaders, we had many exhilarating sports, ice-breakers, educational lectures, and delicious meals. I think the reason this workshop was so great was that almost everybody there I’d never met resulting in a lot of new friendships! Participant, NC (13)


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