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Who is Rev. Sun Myung Moon 
Dr. Yang Chang-shik 

Cheon Il Guk is 
the New Nation full of Hope

Track 2 Consultation on Syria Held in Geneva  
Geneva, Switzerland, 23. – 24. January 2014

UPF convened a special program entitled “Geneva: Track 2” in Geneva, Switzerland on Jan. 23-25, 2014, concurrent with the “Geneva II” inter-governmental conference that aims to bring about a peaceful resolution of the crisis in Syria. The theme for the consultation was “Toward Peace and Reconciliation in Syria: The Significance of Religion, Faith-Based Organizations and Civil Society.”

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World CARP Japan Project 2014

The World CARP Japan Project is back again this summer. For more information on what it is about and how to apply, click the link blow.

One Day Seminar 
“God reveals His Heart”
Berlin-Friedenau, Germany, 25. January 2014

Counting 30 participants it has been a well attended Divine Principle seminar for our rather small community.
Beside our members, among them many youth, 10 guests attended who heard Rev. Moons teachings for the first time. The guests included Willi, a German born who is also a tribal chief of a village community in Ghana, 5 UPF Peace Ambassadors, 2 students and a school friend of one of our 2nd Generation youth – as always diverse in nationality and religious backgrounds. Also two members of our movement who have not taken part in seminars or sunday services for a long time had registered last minute and we were all very happy to meet them again.
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One Day Divine Principle Workshop – How to Restore Human Values
Bucharest, Romania, 25. January 2014

Greetings from Romania. We concluded the second week of street JeonDo (Witnessing) of this year, 2014, with great enthusiasm, a revived spirit and a lot of hope for the future and for Romania Providence. We felt this past week that things have settled down more in terms of the way we organize time and responsibility from the view of the whole and from individual point of view, thus, we had many lectures during the week and a slight increase of number of guests coming for Introduction.

“Eurasia & Europe: Cooperating for a Culture of Peace & Human Development” 

Munich, Germany, 10. January 2013

This was the title of the European Leadership Conference of the Universal Peace Federation in Paris on 3. and 4. December on the occasion of the declaration of UNESCO’s “Decade for the Rapprochement of Cultures” in August 2013. Because Rev. Moon had emphasized still in his lifetime the importance of Eurasia as a bridge between East and West, as a potential peacemaker, the Munich UPF wanted to follow this topic and dedicated its January event to the Republic of Udmurtia, located in the Russian Federation Province Wolga.

Silvester-Gala in Frankfurt 
A nice way of greeting the New Year in the community 

Frankfurt, Germany, 31. December 2014

The Frankfurt community came up with the idea to greet the new year jointly with a Silvester Gala in our chapel. Some 50 brothers and sisters, almost all of them couples both young and old, with children and without, attended. They were not only from the Frankfurt community, but came from Giessen, Berlin, and even from Switzerland and the USA (of course not just for this event, but visiting their loved ones).
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Holy Day Celebration in Scotland

We celebrated True Heavenly Parent Day in Scotland on Sunday at South Queensferry.  Heidrun Williamson read True Father’s last God’s Day speech, from 2012.  We showed three sections of the DVD of Divine Principle with CV Davies’ voice on the full screen.  Members have received copies of this DVD to help in educating guests and contacts.  I gave an explanatory talk.  Hazel Fraser Harris gave a short report of the Youth Leadership meeting at Chislehurst last weekend, and hopes to start group meetings in Glasgow.
Following the service we had pot-luck lunch and good conversation.  21 members attended.
The last Russian sister has left for Russia.  She has left a list of 9 contacts she made while in Scotland, with their mobile phone numbers.  We will follow them up.
Angus McDonald left for Brazil on 24 January.  One of his daughters remains at Heriot Watt University.
David Fraser Harris gave an account of the Geneva UPF Track 2 meeting, which he attended, at the previous Sunday service.

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