Nationwide Leaders Conference Call Notes on 3/15/2014

Bishop Kim
  • Daily activities of TM updated on family fed website for us to read regularly
  • TP always thinking of us and invest a lot in America
  • TM checking on construction of Peace Palace often
  • TP key word is Witnessing, keep this in mind and make plan for this, need to bring substantial outcome in Witnessing activities
  • CARP in Las Vegas: TM wants to bring young spirit in church activities, wants to build up world model of CARP center from Vegas
  • TM working with GPA and Akira Watenabe to build up young people’s activities
Dr. Balcomb
  • We should all open document “Holy Ground pilgrimage” (sent to email) and read it after this call (can also access some information about pilgrimage from family fed website under Balcomb’s weekly report)
    • Document includes detailed instructions on how to find Holy Ground, look at instructions andcheck your state to make sure it is possible to still access Father’s Holy Ground inyour state (let Balcomb know in 1 WEEK)
    • Need to know whether coordinates are correct in order to plan tour (for Father’s SeongHwa Ceremony celebration)
  • All pastors (and all members of church) need to be personally involved in witnessing and lead outreach to former members (who have left church)
    • Reaching out to former members is very important for TM
    • National Witnessing Effort- big push by TM
David Rendel and Jaga Gavin
  • Jaga Gavin on Continuing education project for Pastors
    • “How to Grow Your Church”
    • 6 week course, will be credited through UTS
    • Goal of education: provide ongoing education for pastors
    • Future classes to follow on different topics, mixture of foundational topics
    • All courses will be 6 weeks
    • Check all mailboxes (junk or promotional) for email to sign-up for course
    • All are encouraged to sign-up
    • Registration extended till MONDAY
    • Use public church funds, scholarship is also available from HQ
  • Comments from Dr. Balcomb (on Continuing education project)
    • He was hoping more people would have responded to this call for education
    • Is expecting EVERY PASTOR in the country to sign-up to these courses
  • David Rendel on Communication
    • when they send out mail, can see that people are not opening up emails
    • if there are some issues on email system, please let them know
    • Weekly Church Growth Monitor: have problem every month that the monitor is not filled out by communities
    • Information is needed for national reports to send to Korea and TM
    • Please find way to fill out information WEEKLY
    • The monitor is for our sake as well to see our own growth
Dr. Balcomb
  • In weekly video, he refers to Kodan conference in NY
  • was reminded of all the times spent in East Garden together
  • Not expected that TM will ever return to East Garden for more than day or two, she is expected to stay on West Coast, very important to build up Vegas as center
  • It is our responsibility to financially support the Peace Palace and building up of Vegas
  • He will send District leaders a draft proposal for feedback on how to introduce this to members (about donating)
  • Mother is turning attention and love to America and we have to be prepared to receive it
Dr. Jenkens
  • Is very clear that TF is working through TM, especially in designing Peace Palace
  • With each day, TM’s interest and investment in Peace Palace grows
  • Peace Palace will be our Church, 1st church we have truly built ourselves
  • Central place for standard of witnessing
  • TM is planning to live in America and wants to do so out of Vegas

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