Prayer for Ocean community 2nd Gen. Reiko Watanabe

Reiko had surgery for gastrointestinal perforation on Sunday (12/06/2015).
The surgery was successful.
The below is the message from Martin on 12/8/2015

This afternoon I was able to visit our sister Reiko at the hospital. Her surgery went well with no complications. I was able to speak with her nurse and she confirmed that although Reiko is in pain and very tired…she is on the road to recovery.
Her condition was triggered by an abscess in her intestine. The surgeon removed a section of her intestine and a mass…although this illness is not common for someone Reiko’s age…her body should heal well.
Now it is very important for Reiko to walked a bit to avoid blood clots and clear her lungs hourly to prevent Pneumonia.
Recovery from surgery takes time and can be very painful…our poor sister is dealing with pain now. The nurses are very nice …she is in good hands.
Linda and I will pray for her quick recovery…and for her to walk about and clear her lungs hourly…and the nurses who care for her. God Bless the Watanabe family.

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