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Prayer for Ocean community 2nd Gen. Reiko Watanabe

Published December 10, 2015

Reiko had surgery for gastrointestinal perforation on Sunday (12/06/2015). The surgery was successful. The below is the message from Martin on 12/8/2015 This afternoon I was able to visit our sister Reiko at the hospital. Her surgery went well with no complications. I was able to speak with her nurse and she confirmed that although Reiko is in pain and very tired…she is on the road to recovery. Her condition was triggered by an abscess in her intestine. The surgeon removed a section of her intestine and a mass…although this illness is not common for someone Reiko’s age…her body should […]

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Prayer for Serenity Carlson’s transition

Published July 25, 2015

You may remember Joshua Carlson who sometimes came to Triangle Family Church by motor cycle and moved to the other state. His grandmother, Serenity Carlson passed away last week on her 90th birthday. Her Seung Hwa was today at 4 o’clock. Many people might remember Mrs. Carlson she was the oldest member ever to serve on national MFT and she had many different church missions. Please let’s pray for the family and for her smooth transition to her next life.

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Prayer for Ocean community

Published July 23, 2015

True World Marine will lay off all employees in Ocean community at the end of July. The facilities will be rent out to the competitor in the area. Let us remember their devotion for Ocean providence. We believe God is preparing for them to serve God and True Parents in different ways. Let us pray for them to take this incident positively and find the way God prepared for them.

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40-Day Condition of Prayer and Reading for 3rd Anniversary of True Father’s Seonghwa

Published July 20, 2015

As you know, the 3rd Anniversary of True Father’s Seonghwa is fast approaching. In fact, it is only a little over 40 days until the 3rd international commemoration event is to take place on August 30. On Monday, July 20, we will start a national 40-Day Condition of Prayer and Reading of the Word to prepare our hearts and minds to victoriously celebrate the 3rd and last International Seonghwa Anniversary. The condition period will end on August 28, which is the day the special events start with the First Sunhak Peace Prize Award Ceremony. We encourage all families and individuals […]

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Prayer for Hana Ishigami (Mother of Takae Schultz)

Published June 29, 2015

Takae Schultz is going to Japan this week to spend the last time with her 85 year old mother; Hana Ishigami. Please pray for her safe trip and her mother’s peaceful ascension.

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