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Sunday School on 1/12 and 19, 2014

Published January 21, 2014

1/12/2014 Sunday School – Prayer – Basic Korean 강아지:Puppy 병아리:Chick 소:Cow 새:Bird – Hoon Dock The purpose of human life is to find the love that the macrocosm not the microcosm, is able to welcome. It is to be born, to love and to die in the midst of the great universal love that God, creation, our parents, and the angelic world all acknowledge. This is how I see it. (83-164,1976.2.8) -Watching Video about Doggy Poo Story: After being “created” by a dog, Doggy Poo meets various living and inanimate things. No one wants to be his friend, and Doggy […]

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1/5/2014 Sunday School

Published January 6, 2014

The Sunday School lesson plan on 1/5/2014 is available from the below link. 1/5/2014 Lesson plan We learned 2014 Motto and made New Year Resolution craft.

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No Sunday School on 12/29/2013

Published December 26, 2013

There is no Sunday School on 12/29/2013.

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