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Triangle Family Church Service on 1/26/2014

Published January 27, 2014

Triangle Family Church Service on 1/26/2014 “God and Science” by Pastor John Pace Please click for PowerPoint Presentation. 1) Council Election Result Hidetsugu Asada and Sammy Uyama were chosen as Council members. Bob Huneycutt, Monica Tsotetsi, Hidetsugu Asada and Sammy Uyama are serving Triangle Family Church as Council Members in 2014. 2) Heavenly Parent’s Day Ceremony God’s Day is officially called “Heavenly Parent’s Day”. Date: 1/31/2014 (Fri.) Time: 7pm Location: Triangle Family Church Snacks will be served. Heavenly Parent’s Day Ceremony in Korea may be available to see on-line. 3) Request from True Mother We should know and memorize this year’s […]

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1/19/2014 Service “What Can Unificationsit Learn from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.?”

Published January 20, 2014

Triangle Family Church Sunday Service on 1/19/2014 “What Can Unificationsit Learn from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.?” by  Dr. Gloria Ward Wright   Announcement God’s Day is 1/31/2014.  The schedule of the ceremony at church will be announced soon. Foundation Day Donation ($130): Each family is requested to offer Foundation Day Donation ($130) before Foundation Day (2/12/2014).

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1/12/2014 Sermon – Who Wrote The Bible?

Published January 14, 2014

1/12/2014 Sunday Sermon:  “Who Wrote The Bible?” by Pastor John PaceFirst 20 min. only due to the capacity of the camera SD card. Bigger capacity SD card will be used from next week. PowerPoint Presentation – “Who Wrote The Bible?” True Father gave all solutions for those who struggle to seek truth. True Father’s speech “The New Future of Christianity” made on Sep. 18, 1974 at Madison Square Garden has answers to questions of Christianity. Announcement Carolyn Sampson, Coordinator of WFWP of North Carolina will give a speech this Sunday Service (1/19). After Sunday Service, we had a Pastor Inauguration and […]

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